Sources of short-wavelength radiation, such as synchrotrons or free-electron lasers, have already enabled numerous applications and will facilitate more seminal studies. On the other hand, sources of coherent extreme ultraviolet to soft x-ray radiation via high-harmonic generation (HHG) of ultrashort-pulse lasers have gained significant attention in the last years due to their enormous potential to address a plethora of applications in a cost-effective and tabletop format. Therefore, they constitute a complementary source to large-scale facilities. The photon-flux values obtained by Fiber-laser-driven HHG sources can be considered the highest of all laser systems for photon energies between 20-150 eV. AFS ultrafast fiber lasers are ideal high-harmonic drivers. These turnkey HHG beamlines can address several applications in the EUV to X-ray spectral region.


• Photoelectron spectroscopy
• Coherent diffractive imaging - CDI (nanoscope)
• Attosecond science



Photon energy 21 eV 90 eV
Wavelength 59 nm 13 nm
Photon flux per harmonic up to 1014 s-1 up to 5 ⋅ 1010 s-1
Average power up to 500 µW up to 0.7 µW
Repetition rate flexible, up to 10 MHz 
Pulse duration The pulse duration is smaller than the laser pulse duration i.e. <30 or shorter
Relative bandwidth of one harmonic < 10-2 < 7 ⋅ 10-3
Beam profile Gaussian
Dimensions of HHG chamber approx. 80 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm
Additional features Turnkey reliability, high stability, all parameters software-controlled
Options Single harmonic selection, separation of XUV radiation an driving laser


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