A central emission wavelength of 2 µm generated by Thulium-doped amplifiers has enabled a multitude of new applications. AFS offers the highest performance among commercially available 2-µm fiber-based ultrafast laser systems.

AFS ultrafast fiber lasers are characterized by an outstanding performance combined with flexibility and maximum stability. All essential parameters are software controlled and can be tuned over a wide range, making them an extremely valuable tool in many applications.


• Materials processing
• Micro- and nano-machining



Central wavelength

Tunable between 1860 nm and 1960 nm

Repetition rate

10 kHz

Pulse energy

up to 500µJ

Average power

up to 5W

Pulse duration

< 50 ns



Beam quality

M² < 1.2

Average power stability

<1% RMS deviation

Pulse energy stability

<1% RMS deviation

Beam pointing

< 20µrad RMS deviation


  All parameters can be customized in a wide range. 


Examples for narrow-linewidth Q-switch operation
tunable in a wide spectral range.

Output pulse with 42 ns duration at >500 µJ pulse energy and near diffraction-limited beam quality (inlet).


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